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Lab Hardware Software
CAD & Control Lab COMPAQ PRESARIO P-IV, Lenovo Desktops P-IV, Dell Desktops P-IV, Laptop, LCD Projectors. CATIA, UGNX3, Hyperworks, NSTRAN, FEMAP.
Refrigeration Lab Vapor compression refrigeration test rig,Vapor compression Air conditioning test rig,Ice plant test rig.
Heat Transfer Pin fin apparatus, Composite wall apparatus, Forced convention apparatus, Insulation power apparatus, Metal rod apparatus.
Thermal Lab Bomb Calorimeter, Ramsbottom Corbon Residue app., Boiler mountings, Flash & fire Point App,Air compression test rig.
Industrial Hydraulics & pnuematic Lab Hydraulic study kit HYD-12,Pneumatic & hydraulic manipulator,CBT on industrial hydraulics ( 2 CD).
TOM Universal Governor App, Vibaration lab set up, Models of brake clutch thread, chain, belt, gear etc., CAM Analysis appt.Epicyclic Gear Train Appt., Models of Gears,b rakes, cams & followers.
Measurement Lab Drill tool dynamometer Model 674, Digital force indicator drill Model SI 65, Digital force indicator drill Model SI ,RTD tutors(2Nos), Accelerometer USA make Model SI 120B67, Milling dynamometer 200 kgf Model SI660, Dead Weight Pressure gauge Tester, Speed and Temperature measurement, PID Controller.
Machine Shop Enterprise lathe 1330 HR KIRLOSKAR (10 Nos.), Milling M/c, C.N.C. Trainer, Supervenus lathe BG 41 (10 Nos.), Tool and cutter grinder, Drilling M/c.
Workshop Spot welding M/C. Rocker Arm,,Universal edging,bending &folding M/c,Spot welding M/C.,Welding Transformer,Drilling M/c.
Internal Combustion Engine Lab Computerized I.C. engine test rig, Four stroke twin cylinder diesel engine test rig, Four stroke multi cylinder petrol engine test rig.