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Laboratories (given details in the following Table, which may be extended to accommodate all the laboratories)

  • Language Laboratory
Carpet Area 57.6 sq.m.
No. of computers 21
No. of Servers 01
No. of UPS 01
Software ETNL Software
Practical’s Conducted Communication Skills- LSRW Skills, Phonetics, Grammar, Career Skills (Soft Skills)- Interview, Group Discussion, Debate, etc.
  • Engineering Chemistry Laboratory
Carpet Area 146.53 sq.m.
Major Equipments Digital Balance, PH Meter, Colorimeter, Photometer
Practical’s Conducted F.E. Chemical: Hardness, Chloride Content // S.E. Chemical: Organic Spotting, Preraration of Soap, Estimation of Dolomite
  • Engineering Physics
Carpet Area 138 sq.m.
Major Equipments Semiconductor Laser, He-Ne Laser, Spectrometer, Polarimeter, Optical Bench, Computer with Printer
Practical’s Conducted Resolving Power of Diffraction Grating, Cylindrical Obstacle, Inverse square law, Study of crystal structure, Determination of wavelength using Diffraction Grating Crystal, Divergence of LASER beam, Determination of wavelength of LASER beam, Symmetry elements in cubic